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They either didn’t think this through or they really thought this through


They either didn’t think this through or they really thought this through

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the characters I really love || mickey milkovich

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What’s been the most challenging arc for you to film on the show so far?
I think what we’re filming right now is definitely difficult in this fifth season. Watching, in many ways, not only an evolution of a character, but a descent. We’re watching him tear himself apart, to hopefully rebuild himself in a better way, but in the process he’s - without giving anything away - he’s kind of losing it. It’s been tricky to find ways to play it without pushing it over the top, so it’s not exploitative of mental illness. That’s something I’ve been talking to the writers about being conscientious of. [x]

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won’t drink lukewarm water but i’ll put another person’s genitals in my mouth

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Wonderland 2012 / Vanity Fair 2013

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Hot damn, Gallagher.

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"He’s like, the biggest badass in the neighborhood, pretty much." - Noel Fisher

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Mickey Milkovich Text Posts a.k.a. idk what i’m doing anymore

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kiss me and i’ll cut your fucking tongue out.

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"I think that a story most people can relate to – which is funny because I imagine some people would take the opposite position because it’s a story about homosexuals – but I think that is the wonderful thing Shameless has done with this storyline, they’ve done a beautiful job telling this very human story. It’s a story about two souls who are being told by society, or however they get the message, that they shouldn’t be together or they’re not allowed to be together or maybe they’re not enough and I think that is something that anyone can relate to this storyline."  -Noel Fisher

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"He [Noel Fisher] has taken Mickey from ultra-closeted thug to the man in the most fiercely committed relationship on the show.”

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mickey milkovich + emotions
inspired by [x]

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#my hero

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